24 Paintings in 24 Hours Tour

“Awakening the Arts” in 24 Hours!

John started the “24 Paintings in 24 Hours Tour”  to help awaken the arts in small towns. It’s literally 24 full hours of outdoor painting. Each painting is a reminder of the gift of being awake and alive.

Carthage, Missouri, October 2014

Carthage, Missouri is a town of about 15,000, and the home of well-known artists like Andy Thomas, Lowell Davis, and Sam Butcher (Precious Moments). It’s also the home of one of my favorite galleries, Cherry’s Art Emporium. Cherry Babcock, the owner, asked me to come do a 24-hour event to help awaken the arts during their busy Maple Leaf Festival weekend. It proved to be a very busy time as the sidewalks were bustling with people. My buddy Jason Sacran joined me, and is the only other artist to accomplish this feat that I know of.

The local TV station did a feature: http://www.clipsyndicate.com/video/play/5398356

Gallery of Images from the Event

Radio Interview About the 24-Hour Tour on the #1 Art-Related Podcast “Artists Helping Artists”

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Chewelah, Washington, July 2014

Chewelah is a town of 1,600. It seemed everyone had heard about John’s coming. Jacqueline Brewer, an artist and the host of the event, did a thorough job setting up painting locations, and then she and her husband Bob stayed with John through all 24 paintings. The support was uplifting. Everyone was tired, but there was just enough energy to set up the reception and entertain the many townspeople that showed up.

The host Jacqueline had this to say the day after the event: “That was an amazing experience and I believe your mission to wake up small communities with the crazy idea to stay up all night painting is being accomplished beautifully. Bob and I would really like to keep the fire lit….”

OutdoorPainter.com covered this second event, AGAIN, on their blog. Click here to read the article.

Gallery of Images from the Event

Siloam Springs, Arkansas, November 2013

This was the first event, held by Four Corners Framing in downtown Siloam Springs, Arkansas. It was the perfect start. Matt and Meghan Feyerabend of Four Corners were great promoters, and set the event to coincide with the annual Christmas Open House. Many townspeople attended to give support and to purchase the artwork. All the pieces were sold before John was even done painting.

OutdoorPainter.com covered the event on their blog. Click here to read the article.

Gallery of Images from the Event