“How do you make it as an artist?” is a question I hear often. The only answer I have is this:

One day in 2007 I was sitting at my office desk feeling discouraged because there was very little excitement in my career. Any high points from the past were becoming distant memories. That day, I opened my journal and wrote, “The kind of adventure I need is the ups and downs of self-employment…a life of faith.”

In 2009 I got to put those words into action by simply quitting my job. I’ve had the highest highs, and the lowest lows in my life. Nothing hurts quite like being late on bills, and nothing is as sweet as having excess and time to do things that didn’t seem possible.

I declare “God is good”, not because everything in my life is smooth. That’s not what I needed or really wanted, is it. I say God is good, because He loves us, He supports us, He plants desires in us, He satisfies our every need, and He is never far from us!

Take a minute to read THIS speech the apostle Paul gave to the Athenians about God…it’s fascinating.

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