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Oil painting demonstration video, “Painting into Direct Sunlight”, by John P. Lasater IV

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There are many difficult challenges for a plein air painter, one of which is capturing the intensity of a sunset with realistic values and atmospheric colors. In this demonstration, which lasts a little over an hour, Lasater explains how to prepare for capturing the golden moment at the right time, and with satisfying accuracy. He also gives a thorough overview of his materials.


Product Reviews

A nice endorsement from pastellist Jacob Aguiar –

“Great video on painting into the sunlight!! I have watched it a few times and will watch it again!! Thank you for making the video.”

“Love your DVD. You can paint and talk at the same time; an art treasure.”

“I watched John’s video this weekend and it is great! I was impressed with how much of the painting you get to see being painted (all of it) and how much of the thought process he shares while he is painting. The sound is clear and the lighting is good. It’s full of great information for the plein air painter of all levels. I highly recommend it.”

“Really well done and informative.”

“I really enjoyed the video, John! There were two times when I gasped: when you wiped out the darker structure shape on the left and when you scraped out the center of the sun. But you were right, of course! Thanks!”

“I just watched your DVD!!! Loved it!!!!!!!!! I’m really excited to use many tips and instructions that you talked about in your video! I’d love to let the cat out of the bag…your process is very easy to understand… I always paint too light. Your solution and advice was worth the whole video!!! Thank you John Porter Lasater IV.”

“Ordered the regular DVD and think it is Excellent! Logical, well planned, develops ideas and verbally gives reason to actions on John’s part. No guessing as to why he is doing something.”

“I purchased the dvd, excellent demo!! Really enjoyed it. I highly recommend.”

“I have this video and it is great! Well worth the $.”

“I ordered this a few days ago. It arrived very quickly and is an awesome dvd. I will watch it more than a couple of times.”

“Just watched mine. Wow, you do an awesome job.”

“I highly recommend this DVD. I purchased the digital download. It is full of great ideas and thoughts on how to tackle this effect. I can’t wait to try some of these thoughts out on my own.”