Weekly Mentoring Workshop

When he’s not busy competing in plein air events or teaching around the U.S. and abroad, John shares his passion for painting through the Weekly Mentoring Workshop at a studio in Siloam Springs, Arkansas. Similar to the ateliers and apprenticeships of long ago, the weekly painting workshop provides hands-on attention and personal tutelage in a full-day, once-a-week, three-weeks-a-month format. Soon this program will be part of a larger effort begun by John and fellow artist Jason Sacran. To keep up on their joint ventures, see Lasater|Sacran Studios and Gallery.

Mentorship includes:

  • Live demonstrations
  • Teaching
  • Hands-on help
  • Critiques
  • Air-conditioned and ventilated studio with plenty of space
  • All-day fellowship with other artists
  • Guest lecturers and teachers
  • Study in all genres of representational subject matter
  • Art history appreciation
  • On-site library
  • Nice park and cityscapes around studio
  • Annual art show

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Supply List

Artists are responsible to bring all supplies. Easels are available as well as palettes, however I recommend having your own palette, so you can take unused paint with you. All supplies can be purchased from Jerry’s Artarama.

Palette: The bigger the better! 16x20 is a great size. I know many artists that go have a piece of plexiglass cut at whatever size, and it makes a great palette. Richeson makes wooden palette boxes which are convenient since you can close it up when not in use. Look for the Richeson French Mistress on Jerry’s Artarama.

Oil Paints: John uses Rembrandt Extra Fine Artist Oils. He prefers with Rembrandt the ability to move the paint around the canvas more quickly without needing to mix medium into the pigment. Colors: Permanent Yellow Green, Cadmium Yellow Light, Yellow Ochre, Cadmium Orange, Permanent Red Medium, Permanent Madder Deep, Ultramarine Blue Deep, Kings Blue, Viridian Green, Burnt Umber, Ivory Black. For white, John uses Winsor & Newton Cremnitz White which is lead based. You might prefer Titanium White if you have concerns about safety.

Brushes: Flats and filberts in a variety of sizes from 3/4” wide to 1/8” wide. One round detail brush. Hog bristles or synthetic bristles with a good bounce-back is preferred. The best brand from Jerry’s Artarama is Robert Simmons. I also recommend Rosemary & Company brushes (which sell independently) because they’re so well made.

Palette Knife: Make sure it has nice flexibility. Knives that are too stiff are destructive to the palette and canvas. Occasionally it will be used as a painting tool, so a more triangular head allows for it to be pressed to the canvas with ease.

Supports/Canvases: 8x10 up to 16x20. Whatever surface you prefer is fine. John uses oil primed linen panels by Centurion.

Artist Mineral Spirits: I REQUIRE you bring Gamsol made by Gamblin. It is the safest of all brush cleaners and completely odorless. Also, you need your own brush washing jar to keep the Gamsol in. There are many to choose from.

Other: Paper towels, hat or visor to block light from your eyes, water, snacks.