If you are interested in learning from John, there is a list of upcoming workshops below. If none of the available dates or locations work for you, consider coordinating one for him in your area yourself or through a local arts organization. John teaches a variety of subjects and is passionate about sharing.

Weekly Mentoring Workshop

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Ongoing - Siloam Springs, Arkansas

When he’s not busy competing in plein air events or teaching around the U.S. and abroad, John P. Lasater IV shares his passion for painting through the Weekly Mentoring Workshop in Siloam Springs, Arkansas. Similar to the ateliers and apprenticeships of long ago, the weekly painting workshop provides hands-on attention and personal tutelage in a full-day, once-a-week, three-weeks-a-month format. Class size will be limited, so reserve your place as soon as possible.

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Mentorship includes:
* Live demonstrations
* Teaching
* Hands-on help
* Critiques
* Air-conditioned and ventilated studio with plenty of space
* All-day fellowship with other artists
* Study in all genres of representational subject matter
* Art history appreciation
* On-site library
* Annual art show

“Making Art Outdoors” Workshops

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April 9-12, 2018, Art Workshops on St. Simons Island, St. Simons, Georgia
September 4-7, 2018, Wimberley Artists Workshops, Wimberley, Texas
September 20-23, 2018, Award Winning Artist Workshops, Matthews, NC

Making Art Outdoors

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Registration: (704) 607-6046

October 3-5, 2018, Hoosier Salon Workshops, New Harmony, Indiana

Making Art Outdoors

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November 12-15, 2018, Tallapoosa School of Art, Alabama

“From Observation to Imagination” Workshops

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June 7-10, 2018, Cincinnati Art Club, Ohio

From Observation to Imagination

You’re invited to explore the possibilities with John P. Lasater IV, taking outdoor painting reference into your studio to make something even better using memory and imagination. Two days will be spent outdoors gathering reference, and the other two days in the studio starting a larger comprehensive painting.

John encourages and helps you to look beyond the beautiful qualities of a motif to determine its pictorial usefulness and imaginative potential, thereby adding new excitement to your painting experience. This in turn helps viewers of your work to sense additional thoughfulness and sophistication.

A familiar name in the national plein air scene, John excels at design, sophisticated color mixing, paint application and edge-control. And now, with years of teaching under his belt, expect to be encouraged and challenged by his demonstrations and hands-on help. John has been influenced by many artists: directly through workshops with Israel Hershberg, C.W. Mundy, Carolyn Anderson and John Budicin, and indirectly through self-study of historical sources such as Charles Hawthorne, Georgio Morandi, James Whistler, Edgar Degas, Andrew Wyeth, Corot, El Greco, Paul Serusier, Piero Della Francesca, Francesco Di Giorgio Martini, Picasso and many others.

Workshop Objectives

  1. Encourage you to see conceptual or design potential in outdoor motifs.
  2. Teach you how to gather reference from outdoor painting.
  3. Explore composition and design ideas using multiple references.
  4. Tap into the power of our memory, and the visual ideas that come from it.
  5. Demonstrate outdoor painting, and painting larger canvases indoors.
  6. Expand your purposes beyond the basics of shape, color, value and edges, into more outlying principles and elements of design.
  7. Develop your knowledge of wet-on-wet oil painting, and ways to use your tools.
  8. Teach you more about the history of representational painting, and how you fit in its current manifestation in the United States.


Day 1

Opening Lecture
Plein Air Demonstration
Plein Air Class Reference Gathering

Day 2

Plein Air Demonstration
Plein Air Reference Gathering
Discussion and Critique

Day 3

Homage to Great Representational Painters Slide Lecture
Studio Demonstration
Studio Painting

Day 4

Studio Demonstration
Studio Painting
Final Critique

What They’re Saying!

I felt that after you got to know our individual abilities, you really fine-tuned your comments for each of us. I also appreciated how open you were in answering questions…and your humor. Your workshop left me feeling prepared, motivated and inspired to continue my own practice. Thanks, again, for being so generous with your talent and knowledge.”

Jenny W, Arkansas

(Joint workshop with Jason Sacran) I want to give you a “rave” review for a wonderful workshop. I highly recommend that everyone take your workshop and to experience the generosity, kindness, friendship, fun and talent you both possess. You two represent the best of the best in the painting world!

Andrea K, Georgia

The demo was visual learning at its best…breaking down the subject into abstract shapes for strong paintings.

Charli S, Missouri

John explained and demonstrated how to see a subject, organize its basic shapes into a pleasing composition, and translate it into an attractive painting.  He clarified and simplified these concepts in ways that finally made sense to me after many years of studying art, and he helped each of us apply what we learned in our own style.  It was not only beneficial, but fun!

Betsy S, Missouri

John Lasater’s class provided me with the instruction I needed to improve as an artist.  His teaching demonstrations gave insights into how to improve composition, technique and color harmony.   Students were given the opportunity to practice the skills he taught while he continually monitored and guided us through the painting process.  It was a great learning experience.

Renee G, Missouri